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We Know the 13 Best Lead Sources for Realtors - And You Should Too

The process of finding potential clients, or prospecting, is an ongoing task for real estate professionals, even if they have already established successful lead sources. However, there may be times when their lead funnel runs dry, regardless of the number of sources they use. In such situations, real estate agents should look for ways to get more leads. Here are 13 lead sources that every real estate professional should consider:

  1. Door knocking: While people may be wary of unexpected visitors, this method can still work in safe neighborhoods to introduce yourself to potential clients.

  2. Cold calling: This classic tactic can still be effective when done correctly.

  3. Direct mail: This traditional strategy can still reach a large audience, especially if you don't have everyone's email address.

  4. Past clients: Referrals from satisfied clients are one of the best ways to gain new clients. It's important to stay in touch with them through regular newsletters or other communication.

  5. FSBO listings: While these prospects may not immediately employ your services, it's crucial to show them your value and build a relationship.

  6. Expired listings: Similar to FSBO listings, these can be a valuable resource with the right approach.

  7. Former coworkers' client lists: This ready-made list of potential clients is often overlooked.

  8. Social media marketing/advertising: Social media platforms offer endless opportunities to market yourself and reach potential clients through cost-effective advertising.

  9. Traditional marketing/advertising: While the ROI may not be great on some options, it's still worth exploring inexpensive ways to get your name out there.

  10. Social search: Using social media search functions to find prospects can be a modern-day version of door knocking or cold calling.

  11. Open houses: While they may not result in immediate sales, open houses can generate leads and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

  12. Builder and lender business: Recommendations and referrals between professionals in the real estate industry can lead to new business opportunities.

  13. Purchased leads: Websites like Zillow Premiere Agent can provide prime advertising space and lead generation options.

Jose Segarra, Broker / Real Estate Success Coach / Homevets Realty

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